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For those with any concerns over how I play Yukari.

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Hey there, this is Yukari! I can't really talk right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks! ♥

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SPOILERS for Persona 3, end game & The Answer.

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[The SFC clicks on suddenly to the sound of raised voices and a half-concealed view of what looks to be the marketplace. It looks like it was dropped, in fact, and is now half propped up on a piece of fabric, otherwise on the ground.

The picture it captures requires some thought to process, especially as it is partially obscured.

But after a moment it becomes clear that there is one (1) [livejournal.com profile] derparcana, one (1) [livejournal.com profile] garudyneinstyle and, in between the two, one (1) [livejournal.com profile] lunateclock.

Which isn’t such an unusual scene, except that it appears they’re...bickering?

Wh-What are you doing?!

[Oh, hi, Yukari. Ryoji has no idea how this might look.]

What do you think we’re doing, Yukari-chan?

[With the both of them shirtless like that, it’s not hard to imagine what it might look to someone like Yukari--at least for anyone who isn’t Ryoji.

Granted, she knew they were both supposed to be changing, but--

I didn’t think picking Halloween costumes would involve changing together!

[This is Ryoji you’re talking to, Yukari, he stalks Minato. Everywhere. Honestly, you think SEES would be used to the whole deathpuppy thing by now.]

What? Why wouldn’t it? What’re you mad about, anyway? And--hey, isn’t this the boy’s stall?


They’re changing rooms. Th-they aren’t gendered--

And quit trying to change the subject! Why do you have him tied up?

[She tugs on the other side of the bandana that’s currently wrapped around his hands. This is probably making it even tighter, but neither of them seem to notice.

It’s at this point that Minato attempts to speak up. Keyword: attempts.


[However, his attempt to stop their quarreling fails, at which point both Ryoji and Yukari turn to Minato, shouting at the same time:]

This doesn’t involve you, stay out of it!

[And then the feed cuts--]

(( OOC: This is a joint post, so all three of them will be responding! Also, this iisssss backdated to a couple days ago ~ ))
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[ The feed clicks on, with Yukari standing in the center, Fuuka and Junpei at her side. They hope this goes as well as when they practiced it... ]

H-hey, Vatheon. Fuuka and I were doing some shopping, and--

Have any of you guys been to the 'Viking Pool' just past the marketplace in the middle district?

[ There is a brief pause--

Before Fuuka chimes in.

Oh! Uh ...

The name was pretty odd choice, but there wasn't anything dangerous there. It was a pretty nice pool. Big enough to be water park.

[ ...Yukari nods to agree then, trusting Fuuka's judgement. ]

Yeah! So, uh...you know, we thought it might be a pretty cool place to have a pool party...maybe, say, mid-next week? ...it's also attached to an old building, where Junpei here wants to do some video gaming, too.

[ And Junpei looks enthusiastic here, as if he's been waiting for this to be mentioned. ]

A LAN party! It'll be at LEAST half the awesome of this whole thing--seriously! So, uh...yeah...

...who wants to come?!

[ And after a lingering moment to let them take in the message, Yukari clicks the feed off. Hoping they haven't forgotten anything. If they have--well, they could take questions, right? ]

(( OOC: SO YEAH. As you might have guessed, this is a massive joint post between Yukari, Junpei, and Fuuka. You may get any combination of them in reply, and feel free to directly address any of them as well.

We're hoping to get the actual party log up soon, before more event stuff happens and I have to go on hiatus, so...keep an eye out! o7 ))
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There's a frantic-looking Yukari on the SFC screen. She's somewhere outside, near the Volo Dorms where she lives, and though she's not really wearing anything different than she normally would, something is still noticeably different about her. She's scratching the back of her neck a bit. ]

U-um, guys... I woke up today and suddenly, something weird is going on in the air. I think I'm...controlling it somehow?

[ She makes some hand gestures, and the air around her seems to move accordingly. And eventually, she's able to make a small ball, though she can't control it for very long before it disappears. It startles her, and she jumps back a bit as it dissipates. ]

S-see?! Like that!

Is this another Curse Week or something?

[ Gosh, didn't they just have one? ]

(( OOC: Hi guys! I've decided to make Yukari an airbender. :) She doesn't know that she can use it to fly / hover / mess around yet, however, and pretty much knows very little about her powers in general, but feel free to...join her in the confusion, confuse her futher, enlighten her--whatever! :) I'll likely be backtagging this like a boss long after the event is over, so hopefully no one minds-- ))
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The audio is quiet as first as Yukari fiddles with the device. She's never seen it before she'd arrived at Vatheon, nor does she know why it's shaped like a starfish, but nevertheless, it intrigues her, and she can't help but mess with it. She sighs; if only Fuuka were around, surely she'd be able to figure it out in a heartbeat. But she supposed she had to figure it out on her own. She had it for a reason, after all... just like she had been drawn to Vatheon, for some reason, even if she didn't know it.

Is... is this thing... recording?!

She notices the red light and feels a little panicked. Thinking back on the past year, her experiences with video cameras--hidden or otherwise--had not been good. The screen shakes now as she fumbles around, pushing various buttons, trying to find the one she'd pushed before. Nothing is labeled. Nothing makes sense, and it all looks the same.


Her face shows for just a second more, and suddenly, the screen goes dark...

She hopes no one saw that.
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